Dancing All Night

'Dancing All Night' is the debut EP from Frankie Davies

Fast becoming a big favourite amongst UK based country & folk singers, Frankie was born on a tiny British Island called Jersey, just off the coast of Northern France but has travelled the length and breadth of the UK and more recently, to LA, San Francisco and Nashville, to let the world know about her particular brand of original Folk & Country music.

Country Music has perhaps never been more popular in the UK than now, it's certainly infiltrating the mainstream, but most who see her agree that Frankie's music sets her apart. For whilst her songs are undoubtedly inspired by the Country sounds of southern USA, Frankie writes tunes that walk straight over genres, cross generations and her performances, filled with fervent passion and sincere sentiment, bring the roughest and toughest to a hushed, respectful standstill right before sending them straight back into a foot stomping frenzy. Together with her all girl band, Frankie has had crowds from 60 to 6,000 rocking & romancing each other for over 5 years already.

  1. Shivers
  2. Dancing All Night
  3. Superman
  4. Love Me Like You Should
  5. Hide No More

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